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AQUA - Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA : Company name changed to Aqualis ASA

Reference is made to press release from Aqualis ASA (OSE: WEIFA) 19 Aug 2014 regarding the company changing name to Weifa ASA, and such name change being registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises.

Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA : Successful listing on Oslo Børs

Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA ("New Aqualis", together with its subsidiaries the "New Aqualis Group") is pleased to announce its successful listing on Oslo Børs with the commencement of trading in AQUA shares today.

Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA : Prospectus approved

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway has today approved the prospectus dated 12 August 2014 prepared in connection with the listing of 43,190,544 shares in Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA ("New Aqualis" or the "Company") on Oslo Børs.

Aqualis ASA to acquire Offshore Wind Consultants Limited

Aqualis ASA (OSE: AQUA) has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire Offshore Wind Consultants Limited, a leading provider of consultancy services to the offshore renewables industry.